Air Jordan 13 Retro Bred Release Recap

Air Jordan 13 Bred

Today’s sneaker release totally sucked. I woke up early and ran to my PC to get it ready for the twitter link only to find that I couldn’t add it to cart because everyone else already had it in theirs. What an embarrassing moment for me.  After spending 8 whole freakin’ minutes trying to add something to my cart, I realized I ain’t going to get a pair from I switched over to Finishline, but their site had the “Timer of Death” counting down in an infinite loop. (A little background on what I meant, to prevent buyers from hammering their site to a crawl, Finishline created a timer on their website that acts as the flood gate. It counts down from 30 seconds and then just restarts and count down again. If you’re one of the luckier ones, the site will let you pass and permit you to checkout.)  So I said F* this. I got dressed and headed out to my local Footlocker and Footaction stores immediately.

All the stores open at 8AM and I arrived to Footlocker by 9AM only to see resellers walking out with at least 6 bags in hand. At that point I thought to myself this must be my most epic fail sneaker releases ever. Surprisingly, they still had kids sizes left, so I decided to grab a pair while I was there. If anything, I can always go and return them.

I immediately jumped over to the House of Hoops, Dr. Jay’s, and Footaction. What a trip I must say. Sweat was dripping down my forehead as I was carrying more bags than the tourists. In the end, it was all worth it. I got home and threw the shopping bags down and went back to sleep. Yes, it was another successful (although lots of work) sneaker release.

I took a look at the sneaker and I couldn’t help admiring it’s beauty. Here’s a video I figured I might as well make.


P.S. Eastbay and Champs websites have been down all day due to a system issue. If you patiently wait for them to fix it and happen to get in at the right time, you might be able to score a pair (or an additional pair) !

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